Jane is very skilled and uses a variety of techniques to massage and soothe muscles. I found it relaxing and relieving in the pain that I was suffering. She has a very gently voice that calms you, it was my first massage and I was quite uncertain as to what to expect, but her soft touch relaxed me and allowed me to enjoy the process. I am absolutely certain that anyone coming to her will be treated with skill and feel much better as a result.

My wife Lynn had been suffering with pain to her shoulder, and pain tablets were not helping. Thinking that it could be a muscle strain we contacted Jane, who visited our home at short notice bringing along her massage table and various oils. After a short time Jane stopped advising us that the problem was much deeper than a muscle strain, and that her massage would not help. Following Jane’s advice Lynn visited the doctors, and was referred to a specialist where a course of physiotherapy found a pinched nerve which was also trapped, and could only be released by physiotherapy. If it wasn’t for Jane’s diagnosis of the problem Lynn may have suffered prolonged pain. Very many thanks to Jane, who has been recommended to several friend and clients. Yours Sincerely For and on behalf of Equazion Limited, Ken Gunston, Director.

For some years now, Jane has given us treatments – so we’re well qualified to say how highly recommended she is. She has always been extremely professional and excellent in adapting her wide range of skills to help resolve any problems we’ve had, including injuries. She is delightful and always flexible in accommodating any requests. We couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

My wife and I have a monthly massage with Jane – what a wonderful experience. She comes to our home, which is a real bonus – after feeling lovely and relaxed, who in their right mind would then want to get dressed and drive home?! She sorts out our knots and mental wellbeing. As much as her hands are magical, my favourite treatment is a toss-up between the Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo Massage. She keeps the stones and bamboo moving, and the effect is amazing – the heat penetrates deeply and quickly eases tension. We always have the best night’s sleep after a visit from our lovely massage lady Jane – she is so well balanced mentally and spiritually that the effect is very calming.”