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Memories of a study trip to Thailand

I’m often asked why and how did I decide to do the Thai massage course and what was it like doing a course in Thailand so I thought I would address that in this blog. Once you qualify as a therapist, you seem to get the training bug, courses acquire a magpie quality. It’s happened…
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Why is stretching so important for you during work?

  For my third blog I am looking at why you should stretch at work.  As a massage therapist I feel I need to educate my clients on this as I see a re-occurrence of stiff shoulders and lower back issues all the time as well as nerve entrapment, For instance I have had two…
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Why should I stretch after working out?

Welcome to my second blog. Now we are into the New Year, people suddenly decide to take up exercise whether that is going to the gym, classes or after a drunken new year’s eve bet to run a marathon or other such event. If we also add in all the tight shoulders and tight lower…
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I'm new to blogging so I thought I would start off by  giving you an insight to what we can tell you about your lifestyle.  I found this article last week and thought it was  exactly what I wanted to tell you. I hope you will enjoy reading it! WHAT MASSAGE THERAPISTS LEARN ABOUT YOUR…
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