ScarWork is a hands-on, gentle therapy that uses specialised techniques to soften the tissue and help fade the scar. The light, non-invasive techniques include multi-directional skin stretches, strokes and digital or palm pressure that help reorganise the fascia and integument in both new and old scar tissue.

Sports massage

Typically used before, during or after athletic events, sports massage can benefit non-athletes, too: we can all injure ourselves in our daily lives, and this treatment involves the manipulation of soft tissue to release tension, reduce pain, restore range of movement and promote good condition.

Deep tissue massage

If you’re a fan of firm massage, deep tissue massage is for you. This remedial treatment is especially effective at targeting specific issues such as back and neck pain, muscular strains and injuries.

Emerald Massage Therapies

Emerald Massage Therapies offers a holistic approach to treatments for the body, mind, and soul.

I am Jane Stokes, a qualified holistic therapist, providing a wide range of treatments at the Sukha Wellness Centre in Cahir, and in my clients’ homes.

I believe it is important not just to treat the symptom or condition but the whole individual. I do this by looking at the problem and its cause and utilising therapeutic techniques.


My clients have seen tangible benefits from my treatments, which include Myofascial Release and various types of massage including Swedish, warm bamboo and pregnancy. I am also qualified in ScarWork, a light touch therapy that reduces scar tissue including burns, trauma tissue and endometriosis.

My experience as a carer means I am at ease treating elderly people and those with debilitating conditions including Motor Neurone Disease.

Tension and stress

If you are suffering from tension in your neck and shoulders, back pain, headaches, or are anxious and stressed, I can help you. I also work with people who have suffered training injuries or are preparing for an event such as a marathon.