Sports massage

Typically used before, during or after athletic events, sports massage can benefit non-athletes, too: we can all injure ourselves in our daily lives, and this treatment involves the manipulation of soft tissue to release tension, reduce pain, restore range of movement and promote good condition.

Deep tissue massage

If you’re a fan of firm massage, deep tissue massage is for you. This remedial treatment is especially effective at targeting specific issues such as back and neck pain, muscular strains and injuries.

Warm bamboo massage

This deep, yet relaxing, massage sees the bamboo cane replace Jane’s hands. She holds canes of varying diameter and length, using them in rolling and kneading movements.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to treatments for the body, mind and soul, you’ve come to the right place: Emerald Massage Therapies.

My name is Jane, and I’m a practising mobile holistic therapist working in and around Cahir, Clogheen, Ballylooby, Bansha, Cashel, New inn and out to Clonmel, offering mainly a wide range of massage treatments.

The word massage originates from many languages: in Latin, ‘massa’ means ‘dough’, in Greek ‘massein’ is ‘to knead’, the French word ‘masser’ translates into ‘to rub’ and, in Arabic, ‘mass’ means ‘to touch’. All of these describe massage.

The earliest known record of massage is from 300 BC in China, where it was called ‘amma’. Specific movements were used on particular areas of the body to restore health and aid relaxation. The Japanese used similar pressure points, called tsubo points. Shiatsu massage originates from this ancient practice. Meanwhile, in India, massage is a traditional part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Such countries are known for their holistic body, mind and spirit approach to medicine, considering the whole individual and not purely the symptom or condition. This is the approach that I too adopt with Emerald Massage Therapies. I don’t just look at a problem but also the cause of it, before utilising therapeutic techniques to address the ‘whole’ of the condition.

So please do browse my website, discover what treatments I have to offer – I also provide reflexology and  ear candling therapy – and contact me if you wish to book a memorable experience. Thank you for visiting!